I will be leading the following Yogaflow and special Unfolding the Feminine Women Retreats in Kythnos, the Greek Island and in Tobago, the Carribeans in 2017:

  • 24th June -1st July, UNFOLD THE SACRED FEMININE – YOGADANCE WOMEN RETREAT with live DJ in Kythnos 
  • 20th – 30th July, FLOWING WITH THE ELEMENTS with Davin Jones in Tobago

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LOCATION&ACCOMODATION: Kythnos is a really beautiful island, an experience of Greece at it’s best. The island has magnificent beaches, great food cooked with fresh biological ingredients really picturesque whitewashed villages in a relaxed, calm, unspoilt atmoshere.
Kythnos K4Kastellas villas have been designed, contructed and decorated with great love and care.
It was in the end of June 2016 that the K4Kastellas villas opened and it makes for a really fantastic spot for yoga retreats. The villas are alone in a remote really special part of the island, Kastellas ( where an ancient acropolis used to exist) with magnificent Aegean views fantastic sunset and the gorgeous beach of Kastellas, a remote practically private beach) at a three minutes walk from the villas.


Life is an eternal dance and we are dancers connecting and flowing with the music of the Universe performing mysterious choreographies which can take us closer to our essence and make us feel complete and truly happy.

On this Retreat, We guide and help all the beautiful ladies unfolding their Sacred femininity and blossoming as beautiful flowers in the most spectacular colours and shades.

Yoga-dance is a special fusion of dance elements and traditional yoga asanas in a creative way. We are using dance movements, asanas, music, breath and working with the directions&elements of Nature and Chakras to raise our Shakti energy, experience&live our essence: the rising, gentle and yet powerful Goddesses we truly are.
To make this experience special and unforgettable, Roberta Nicholls is joining us to mix and play her amazing music specially created for this retreat..
It is a beautifully intimate and very unique retreat in a safe and loving environment – in the midst of Nature – where we open, share, connect and surrender ourselves to our most Sacred inner being.
Having a special and healthy connection with our Divine-feminine is essential so that we can see and feel our pure beauty, truly appreciate and love ourselves. This self-love and confidence enables us to create and live meaningful and valuable relationships in each field of our lives. In turn, this unity with ourselves and the world opens invisible doors and leads us to completeness and happiness.

EMESE: pls read more in the my story and yogadance section

For more inspiration and information, find us:
Instagram @eme_fodor

Daily Retreat Schedule:
07:30 – 08:00 Herbal teas, coconut water, light snack
08:00 – 9.30 Meditation&Yogadance: connecting with Mothernature, awakening our bodies and senses
9:30 – 10:30 Breakfast
10.30 -13:30 Treatments, free time
13.30 – 14.30 Lunch
14.30 – 17.00 Treatments, free-time,
17:00 – 18:30 Yoga-dance, Stretching/YinYoga, Dancing&Flowing with the Elements
18:30 – 20:00 Dinner
20:30 – 21:30 Women Circle: sharing&story-telling, Moon meditations, dancing

– Inbound & outbound transfers from Athens or Mios to the retreat location
– 7 nights at the beautiful Kastellas Villas
– Three vegetarian meals and two light snacks/ day
– 2 x daily yoga-dance classes and women circles with live Dj
– Pastella making workshop

NOT INCLUDED: Flights & Extra Activities

* 25th June – GROUNDING – EARTH:
Our focus will be on the 1st Chakra – Muladhar- with the Element of Earth. We’ll start the day with a deeply grounding practice, will be connecting with the Element Earth, dancing in the sand, awakening our senses.
We will be connecting to theSea and Waters awakening the energies of the 2nd Chakra by experiencing our emotional body and sensuality through creative&fluid movements and techniques.
* 27th June – EMPOWERMENT WITH THE SUN: We will be breathing&dancing with the rising and setting Sun, generating fire in our Core -3rd Chakra- with a fiercy yoga/dance practice to find confidence and inner power and to transform&transmute throughout the purifying effect of the fire element: Sun
We will connect to our heart – 4th Chakra- desires through meditation, will be moving through a very gentle loving practice with open heart and compassion ( meditation, yin,stretching ) to release all that does not serve us and setting new intentions
* 29th June – FINDING OUR VOICE:
This day is all about self-expression through poetry, story-telling – and dancing of course. Our focus will be on our 5th Chakra and the element Air to find our own voice and speak our own truth. We will have a day of Pastella making workshop where we can connect, listen, share and learn from an elder wise woman through the art of Pastella making.
On our last day we will be connecting to our deepest essence, the feminine through our inner wisdom&intuition – 3rd eye. We will be meditating and dancing with all the elements, the Sun, the Sea, the Sand, the Sky and the Spirits.

DAY TRIP / Pastella making:
We will go Dripida village, have a workshop with one of the local ladies who still knows the art of Pastella-making, have lunch in one of the local tavernas and stroll in the lovely streets of Dripida.
“Pastelia” is a traditional Kythnian sweet, a really important sweet since ancient Greece that was given out to weddings to the bride and groom. It is made with honey (Kythnian thyme homey is really famous and had won many european awars) and sesame. Sesame symbolized fertility and honey symbolized a “sweet life”. It is still given to wedding guests as a sweet and there are some local women (just a few) that know how to make them a really rare and special procedure.
Single occupancy: € 1350pp
Double occupancy: € 1120pp





Located on the edge of a traditional Caribbean fishing village, and set within two acres of lush tropical gardens, Castara Retreats offers the opportunity to engage with both nature and culture; from birdwatching on the balcony, to limin’ with locals, from rambling in the rainforest, to relaxing on the beach… there is something for everyone.
Castara Retreats where people go to relax and unwind where the sea breeze will calm your whole being. You can choose from a wide range of room types including shared twin rooms, starter range private rooms, mid-range private rooms, and high range private rooms.
Castara Retreats is a family-run eco resort superbly located overlooking the Bay of Castara in Tobago with its two sandy beaches and the deep green of the rainforest as its backdrop. Featured in The Guardian’s “Top 10 in Tobago” and rated Number 1 on Trip Advisor for Speciality Lodgings on Tobago, their 15 self-catering accommodations are sensitively designed to sit harmoniously within the natural landscape.

20th – 30th July, FLOWING WITH THE ELEMENTS, PARADISE RETREAT with Davin Jones in Tobago

Join Davin & Emese to experience the essence of yoga in the Caribbean. This retreat promotes a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, and motivation to live life to the fullest! Rejuvenate with daily yoga and stay at an eco-resort built in perfect synthesis with the lush surrounding environment angled to absorb the glorious views of the Caribbean Sea. Castara Retreats ( in Tobago is a tropical paradise in this unspoiled corner of the Caribbean.

Both Davin and Emese are travellers at heart and their deepest intention is to support and guide people in the process of finding inner balance, joy and completeness.
They organise retreats together to offer the balance & unity of the feminine (Shakti-creativity) and the masculine (Shiva-consciousness) which are the great energies of life living within each of us.
They like to combine their passion and speciality to offer an absolutely unique experience with very diverse classes and workshops. Davin’s main passion is alignment, inversions and hand-balances which demands a lot of focus, strength and physicality. Emese loves to share and bring in her creativity by building unique sequences & movements flowing and dancing with the music, working with the elements of Chakras and Nature.

For more information and inspiration find us on Instagram @davinjonesyoga @eme_fodor

Daily Retreat Schedule:
07:00 – 08:00 Herbal teas, coconut water, light snacks
08:00 – 10:00 Dynamic flow Vinyasa class + meditation/pranayama (2hrs)
10:30 – 11:30 Buffet brunch
11:30 – 16:00 Treatments, free time, Workshops, option to partake in activities.
16:00 – 17:30 Yin restorative class, Partner stretching class (90 mins)
18:00 – 20:00 Dinner
20:30 – 21:30 Yoga Nidra or Guided Meditation

– Inbound & outbound transfers from Tobago (A.N.R Robinson International Airport) to retreat Location.
– 9 nights at the beautiful Castara Resort, Tobago
– 2 x daily yoga and meditation classes, 2 x Yoga Nidras or guided meditation yoga classes, special workshops with Davin Jones & Emese Fodor
– Freshly prepared organic foods ranging from freshly caught sea food to homegrown vegetables.
– Waterfall trek.

NOT INCLUDED: Flights & Extra Activities

Prices start from:
£1450 single occupancy
£1350 Shared occupancy

Email: or to book your space.

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