“Hi everyone! My name is Marie From France.(Paris)

'This year i had the luck to meet Emese Fodor, who was giving vinyasa courses during our 200H teacher training in India.
 I have in Paris lots of opportunities to meet different very good yoga teachers, but Emese has this particular incredible talent to lead you in these wonderful places you rarely explore. We could say she is magic, more than that, i say she offers her heart with all her wonderfull generosity , and open your’s, and that’s ...Wahou!
 Follow her steps and you will walk in an amazing land!
 Let explore yoga with her, let fly and dance with her, and you will touch the stars! As she’s an angel connected with angels....

Marie Piton (actress) - Paris, France

'Emese is a fairy with magic power! She guides you to unexpected emotions and feelings without forcing anything. Thanks to her compassion and understanding of your energy , she helps you to find your own space and creativity. Close your eyes, trust her, follow her, and you live one of the most beautiful yoga /dance experience you have ever felt. It's at least what I experienced with her teaching!'

Laetitia, Paris - France

'I was practising yoga for 5 years when i start my 1 year journey to the far east. During my trip i tried a lot of teachers and many kind of styles, but when i joined emese class i felt that finally i found what i was looking for.
 First of all, emese is super professional and during the class you can feel how much knowledge she has. She brings such a strong energies and atmosphere to the class what makes the practise significant and strong for you. I felt that during the time i was practising with her i was growing and blooming as a yoga student as well as a person.
 I strongly recommend emese class and workshops because i think she has so much things to bring and share with her students and make them be more peaceful and kind. '

Much love dear emese and again thank you for the speical experience,
 Moriya Arieli, Israel

'Emese is an amazing teacher and I can't recommend her enough. I was lucky enough to have lots of group and one on one classes with her during a 5 week 300 hour TTC in India and learnt so much. She has a really unique style and I loved the fluidity and dance elements she brought into her classes. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy, in particular the chakra system, is also really in depth, and it was so interesting to see how she weaved this into her sequencing. She's also really nurturing and encouraging and I felt my confidence as a teacher really grow during the time that we spent together.'

Karly Shields
 New Zealand

'Emese Fodor is a energetic,powerful and professional Yoga teacher.
 She inspires with her profound knowledge,creativity and dynamic.
 With her backround as a dancer she connects beautifully soft flowing movements with Asanas of Vinyasa, but also Meditation and Pranayama are part of her education.
 With her love to the Hinduism and spirituality she introduces you to the basics and builds a deeper understanding of Yoga.
 I enjoyed her classes very much and could learn a lot, about me, and about Yoga.
 Thank you very much ! '

Samira from Germany

‘💫I’m learning life is a dance. 💫Sometimes I’m flying, spinning, floating. My heart is so open with love I feel that I’m so light and happy I could explode. Sometimes I’m falling. Falling back to the ground, losing my wings, crashing down. I go from feeling I understand, that I can do anything, that everything is effortless - to realising I know nothing. Feeling like a baby, newly born, in this vast vast universe. I go into confusion again.
 ✨ ✨
 I’m learning slowly that life is dance. That I am just energy touching, merging, twisting with other energy. Separated but always connected. I’m learning to try and dance with awareness. Consciously. I’m learning this is hard because it can hurt more to be present. And I don’t want to hurt so it’s easier to fly. I’m learning to use every single relationship as a teacher. And I’m trying to listen more and more each day.
 The universe gave me a gift of @eme_fodor _fodor. She gently reminds me when I’m not being present. To try and live everything consciously. She teaches me that even though it is about me, a giant reflection of me, it’s not actually about me at all. Recently she has taught me a lot. ✨
 Mostly we dance. And in this I find freedom. Who knew there wasn’t a right or wrong way to move our bodies. That dance/life isn’t a performance. Just a beautiful flow of always changing energy. We are all dancers. And she gives me a safe space to explore, and start to see who I really am.
 So thank you, beautiful beautiful light, gift & guide @eme_fodor .’

JANA ( Uk/ Spain)

'When Emme became part of the teaching staff it was like magic. She came in with such motivation and spirit, immediately we could all see and feel that she was teaching us her life and beliefs, that it really came from within.

I was very excited and I was sure I would like her teaching style! Of course very quickly I got to like her a lot also!
 Emme brings to the class true love for what she does and it's contagious! I had such fun with knowledge and body in her classes, and got to know a beautiful loving person, inside and out. Thank you Emme for an amazing unforgettable experience! Love you!

Meital - Israel ( 200hrs yttc India )

'I met Eme last year on her ‘Flowing with the Elements’ retreat on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago.  She is the most warm, genuine  and generous person you could hope to meet, and I cherish the memories  from our time together.  Her yoga practise is inspirational.  Her physical body is beautiful, but so too is her inner self, and after 10 days of practise I was left feeling that anything is possible.'

Stephanie Rampton, London, UK

"When I registered for a Yoga teacher training, I asked the Universe to send me the teacher I needed. Once the time finally came, I met this bright soul who then was introduced to me as my teacher. During the first class she gave us I knew that this was a turning point for me as a student, soon-to-be teacher, but most of all as a human being
 I couldn’t have hoped for a better teacher to find me. Emese is sweet, caring, supportive and encouraging. She gave me confidence to express myself, to grow, to find my voice as a teacher and witnessed me bloom ❤️🌻"
 Juliette - France

'I have been practicing different kind of yoga since many years.
 When I met Emese and had an oportunity to practice her vinyasa-flow yoga in India during my last visit.  I was completly sold!
 What a grace and beauty! What an inspirering creativity and playfulness! Her way to encourage us in the yogagroup to find our own way to express ourselves was exactly that I needed!  She is combining tradition with creativity and helping her students to grov! Emese is an exelent teacher and rolemodel! I am feeling very inspired of her way to work with us as a group in workshops, something I will try to do in Sweden also.
 Thank you Emese'

Kaisu, Finland

'My first class with Emese was an Aroma Flow yoga class in the beginning of 2017 and I have not stopped appreciating her teachings.There are not many yoga teachers with an authentic style like Emese, who is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I always learn something new in her classes. Sometimes it´s physical alignment, sometimes mental awareness. She always has a carefully selected playlist that really adds to the practice. To me, this shows her classes are well thought out. She is one in a million, a very genuine and beautiful person inside and outside. If I would have to stick with only one teacher to practice with, it would be her.'

Ellie, The Netherlands

'Thank you for the Full Moon Ceremony&Dance!
It was so beautiful, you are so inspiring...
I see you like a little fairy, come from somewhere, where love is the food and compassion the water!

Thank you For all we share it was just perfect like life!'
Doudi, France

'I had the good fortune to have Emese Fodor as a teacher in our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Gokarna, India in January /February  2018. Emese's very individual yoga style combined with her competent and strucured teaching as well as the spiritual elements she brings to her classes make for a great learning experience. She is a truly inspirational teacher on every level and a very warm and genuine person with deep knowledge of yoga and life and people.

Emese's yoga nurtures the body, mind and soul. I hope very much I will be able to do more classes with her in the future!
 Thanks Emese for your beautiful teaching, your interest in us as students and your caring!'

Anny Luty, Switzerland