Creativity and Authenticity are my essence which I live and express guiding very diverse classes and workshops. Read more about the various yoga / fusion styles I offer so that you can find a practice which you feel called to. I hope to see you soon to flow and dance together <3

Tula Amsterdam

Tuesday 18.30-19.45 SlowFlow Tuesday     20.00-21.15  Vinyasa

Yogaschool Noord NDSM

Friday 9.00-10.15 All level Flow

Friday 10.30-11.45 AromaFloe

Sunday 11.00-12.15 AromaFlow

Hotflow Yoga Amsterdam


Saturday 17.00-18.15 Relax&Flow (Studio Jordan)


Aroma Flow Yoga uses the power of essential oils to complement your slowflow practice and to create a unique experience in working through and with the elements and chakra-system.

In this beautiful practice, expect to begin with the offering of specially selected aromatherapy oils applied on your wrist during the opening meditation. As we move into the flow, the practice will build and evolve into an expressive, dance-like flow to further release the aromatherapy and enhance the chakra-work as the movements are being fully synchronised with the breath. After the active and yet gentle flow, we are moving toward stillness through restorative postures where I apply the essential oils by hand-on adjustments and pressure points. To feel truly nourished and relaxed, we end with a nice Savasana where the aromatherapy truly works its magic.

Aroma Flow Yoga is a unique, deliciciius and deeply rejuvenating practice for body, mind and soul. All levels welcome.


In my classes and workshops, I guide you through a beautiful form of moving meditation. We combine asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques. We tune and synchronize our body movements with our breath to the sound of music generating prana (life force) which flows smoothly throughout the whole body, energizing, uplifting and balancing it. Therefore, by the end of our beautiful practice -either physically stronger or more gentle-, we feel energized and peaceful filled with love and light. We let go of our wantings and attachments, surrender ourselves and experience the most simple and yet most complete and pure state of existence; the state of BEING.


In the last few years, following my string inner call, I’ve  I started to offer and lead women’s empowering classes and workshops. In these workshops, I guide and help my amazing Sisters in unfolding their Sacred femininity and sensuality to blossom as beautiful flowers in the most spectacular colours and shades. We use special sensual movements, dance elements, asanas, music and certain blessings&rituals to awaken and raise our Shakti energy and embody the rising, gentle and yet powerful Goddesses we truly are.
It is a wonderfully intimate practice in a safe and loving environment where we open and surrender ourselves to our most Sacred inner being.
Having a special and healthy connection with our Sacred feminine is essential so that we can truly appreciate and love ourselves. This self-love and confidence enables us to create and live meaningful and valuable relationships in each field of our lives. In turn, this unity with ourselves and the world opens invisible doors and leads us to completeness and happiness.


I also organize special beauty workshops for women where we combine yogadance and styling.
I find this program very powerful as it provides tools both on the spiritual and physical level. We learn to build a strong and solid bridge and balance between our inner and outer world.
We start working from inside, nourishing the Goddess living in each of us and then we find the most ideal and unique way to manifest her to the external world. We play with colours, shapes and textures using styling tips to express ourselves. We help you define your style which not only reflects your inner beauty the way you see and feel it but enhances it through and with your wonderful physical body you are born with.
It is an amazing journey from the internal to the external, a very deep and yet joyful and uplifting experience.

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