Dancing with the Universe
I am a dancer-yogini trained in various yoga and Priestess lineages. My introduction to yoga 15 years ago inspired her to combine my years as a trained dancer and the connectic flow of the yogic journey  My practice stems from several lineages - hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, vinyasa and aerial-yoga. I developed a unique program of moving meditation, aligning the chakra system and synchronicity with the elements (Earth, Water, Sun, Air, Ether) which is designed to awaken the flow of energy. Authenticity and creativity are my essence, my discerning spirit (and many years of practice) allows me to be sensitive towards my student needs, helping them connect to their inner guides and enjoy the practice from deep within. 
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Since I can recall, I have been deeply touched and inspired by dance, music and the art in general. Dancing to me has always been beyond a physical experience, it felt as if beautiful and mysterious souls were coming into life and miracles were born. I had been living in this wonder-world since my age of 6 doing gymnastics and later dancing jazz and contemporary until my twenties when I stopped dancing and started my career in fashion.

I was living a very demanding life with lots of traveling, long and crazy working hours and though I loved my work, something was missing. Since I stopped dancing, I was longing for something that made me feel the same way from inside, something that goes beyond the physical and fills my heart and soul.

… then I tried yoga and finally I found not only what I was missing but so much more.

Today I travel internationally and offer classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings combining yoga, movements, dance, breath-work, meditation, symbolism, music and rituals.

I’d like to express my eternal gratitude and love to my amazing teachers:

  • Gösta van Dam and Patrick Vermeulen from Svaha Yoga Amsterdam whose teachings, wisdom, authenticity accompany my life
  • Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner, through my Urban Priestess studies in their Mystery School they ignited magic in me on so many levels and also gave me the knowledge and tools to hold space and guide my Sisters in the magical journey of connecting to their deepest essence, the DivineFeminine, unfolding&living their feminine wisdom and embodying the beautiful Goddesses they truly are.
  • Shiva Rea is truly inspirational warrior women whose energy and teachings have had great impacts on me and the way I share and guide my practices today.
  • Dr. Sheela Shridar in Mysore, India who introduced me to bharathnatyam ( classical Indian dance ) an have been guiding and supporting me with unconditional love since the day we met

All my love and gratitude to my family, friends and teachers 

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