Dancing with the Universe

Life to me is an eternal dance and we are dancers connected to the Divine, flowing with the music of the Universe and performing mysterious choreographies which fill our souls and give us wings to fly; FLY AND BE FREE.

Yoga has given me the most precious gift; feeling connected to the Divine and hearing the beautiful sounds of the Universe.

Since I can recall, I have been deeply touched and inspired by dancing, music and the art of movements. Dancing to me has always been so much more than just physical, it felt as if beautiful and mysterious souls were coming into life and miracles were born I had been living in this wonder-world since my age of 6 doing gymnastics and later dancing jazz and contemporary until my twenties when I stopped dancing and started my career in fashion.

I was living a very demanding life with lots of traveling, long and crazy working hours and though I loved my work, something was missing. Since I stopped dancing, I was longing for something that made me feel the same way from inside, something that goes beyond the physical and fills my heart and soul.

… then I tried yoga and finally I found not only what I was missing but so much more.

I understood that my body is the temple of my soul, a very fragile and sophisticated instrument. I experienced that when I treat it with love and care listening to my most inner guide, then I feel unity with myself and thus with the world. I deeply believe that feeling united equals to feeling loved and fulfilled which is the key to a truly happy life.

I’d like to express my eternal gratitude and love to my two amazing teachers I met in Amsterdam: Gösta van Dam and Patrick Vermeulen whose wisdom, authenticity and compassion accompany my life.

My meeting with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner and my Urban Priestess studies in their  Mystery School created with so much love&unity have changed my life. They’ve given me the magic of realization and understanding on so many levels and also the knowledge and tools to hold space and guide my Sisters in the magical journey of connecting to their deepest essence, the DivineFeminine, unfolding&living their woman wisdom and embodying the beautiful Goddesses they truly are.

My gratitude to Sianna and Ashley is beyond words.

Nianna Rose Bray and Shiva Rea are truly inspirational warrior women whose energy and teachings also have had great impacts on me and the way I share and guide my classes and workshops today.

I am also deeply thankful to all my teachers and swamijis not I met along my path.

After having learnt various lineages; traditional hatha, iyengar, ashtanga, vinyasa yoga, prana-flow, I decided to attained my 500hrs Yoga Alliance Certified Qualification in India; the home of yoga – and my real yoga journey had just started then and there by Ma Ganga (Mother Ganges)

Since I am inspired by everything which is about bringing the quality of lightness into life and making me feel as if I was flying and floating, I learned Christopher Harrison antigravity (aerial) yoga and became a certified antigravity yoga teacher.

Creativity and authenticity are my essence. Following my deepest call to support and help my beautiful Sisters in connecting, unfolding and living their Divine-Femininity I created YOGADANCE. It is a unique form combining various dance techniques&music with authentic yoga, chakra system and the knowledge&tools I learnt through my studies of the diverse Priestess traditions to awaken and embody woman wisdom and beauty.

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