If we choose to see the beauty in the ordinary, then our world becomes extraordinary.

I made my styling and make-up studies in various creative insitutions in Budapest and Amsterdam. The combination of the knowledge I acquired through these studies and my own creativity provide me with an amazing palette of tools to give birth to impactful visual stories.

In the last 13 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects with visionary brands like Nike, Diesel, Selfridges Group, Marc O’polo, Bestseller and with designer labels like Missioni, Alexander Wang, AMcQ, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabelle Marant, Acne Studios, Paul Smith, Tiger of Sweden.
The variety of projects I have worked on made me master the tricks of styling and beauty and become the creative professional I am today.

What truly amazes and excites me is capturing moods, feelings and moments and enhancing the natural beauty of our incredible body mostly via story-telling.
I am deeply inspired by approaching the ‘ordinary’ from a different perspective and showing how extraordinary it becomes.
I am convinced that we are surrounded by beauty and magic and it is our choice and decision how we look at and see things which in turn shapes our lives. If we choose to see beauty in the ordinary, our World and thus our Life becomes extraordinary.

One of my most favourite project was the photoshoot I organized and created (concept, styling, make-up) for my twin-sister when she was 6month-pregnant, expecting her baby-girl. Capturing those moments of the mystery&beauty that a woman soon to become a mother holds is truly special.

To combine the areas I am passionate about with the purpose to support all amazing women seeing and expressing their beauty, I organize special art & beauty workshops for women.
This program is absolutely powerful and provides tools on the physical, emotional and mental level. We create a solid bridge between the internal and external through movement, dance, music, poetry exploring and discovering from within (internal) to opening and expressing without (external). During the second (external) part we play with colours, shapes, textures, styling, make-up and encourage you to express who you are and support you to enhance the beauty of your own physical body. It is an amazing journey from the internal to the external, a very deep and yet joyful and uplifting, even life-changing experience.