I am a Hungarian girl in love with the magnificence of this life and the endless opportunity to create beauty and miracles. During my childhood, as a gymnast and later a dancer, I was enchanted by the art of movements and music which felt like living in a wonderland, a world of beauty and miracles which filled my heart and made me the happiest girl ever.


As I grew older my mind started to raise questions and wanted not only to feel but understand how my wonderland works and how I can create it. Studying international business and styling seemed to be the ideal combination which opened doors into the exciting world of fashion. I had the opportunity to work for such well-known brands as Mexx, Marc O’polo, Bestseller, Nike, Selfridges Group, Diesel and various designer labels in the field of styling and visual merchandising. Having grown into a consumer journey expert, traveling the world, leading teams, creating and implementing visual concepts were my playground where I could feed both my creativity and my analytical mind.

Living my demanding and hectic life, I strongly felt the need to nourish my body, mind and soul on a deeper level in order to be able to stay balanced and face my daily challenges.
I started practicing yoga in 2005 which was love at first try and definitely a turning point bringing qualities into my life which I have not experienced for a very long time: harmony, love and beauty.

Having met, interacted and worked with so many people from all over the world, I realized that nevertheless where someone was coming from, they were longing to arrive at the same place. This destination was the wonderland filled with miracles where I was living as a child feeling enchanted and so happy. I understood that this marvelous world derives much deeper than the outer, it comes from inside.

Today, I live my life with this essential understanding. My deepest call is to help people re-discovering and seeing how amazing and beautiful they truly are from inside -YOGA- and provide them with tools on how to express it to the external world – STYLING & VISUAL CONCEPTS.

This is my story,

Hope you are joining me in this journey and we can create miracles and beautiful stories together.

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